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Riccarda Leporin

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Since my early childhood, everything colorful has been an integral part of my identity.

Although my parents both work in scientific professions, we were a very artistic family - some of my happiest childhood memories are the many hours I spent with my sisters and parents in our small arts and crafts room. As the youngest daughter, I admired the beautiful works of my older sisters and parents, and early on I was driven to keep up with them and to keep improving.

Drawing and painting have always been a part of my life, as has my love for the animals I grew up with. I loved to draw them in all their diversity and wildness - I found them to be wonderfully multifaceted, and the animal world has always been my subject of choice and my greatest source of inspiration.

I later attended courses in traditional painting with the artist Katrin Drebes, where I learned the traditional use of paints, brushes and canvas. In my teenage years, I finally found my way into digital art, which quickly became my favorite medium.

I was fascinated by the clear lines and bright colors, as well as the countless other processing and design possibilities that only digital art offers.

During this time, I drew my inspiration from stories and books in particular, as reading and writing were also among my favorite hobbies.


After graduating from high school in 2018, I knew for a long time that my professional path would lead me further into the world of art - for me it was both a calling and a passion. With some experience in commissioned drawings, I applied to the Rostock Design Academy, where I began my dual degree course in communication design and illustration. As of now, my training has been completed, I have entered the professional world as a freelance artist and am about to complete my Bachelor's Degree.

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